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The objectives of the CrGchamber are :

- the development of the relations between Czech Republic, Gabon, Senegal, Guinea, Ecuatorial Guinea, Africa-Caribbean-Pacific and vice-versa in the field of industrial, commercial, agricultural and cultural exchanges;
- the assistance to all those, in Czech Republic who are interested in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and vice-versa.


These objectives are attained :

1. In Czech republic with :

1.1. Meetings and other events such as conference-luncheons/dinners, round tables and seminars attended by Czech Republic and African, Caribbean and Pacific official representatives and businessmen, journalists and, of course, members of the CrGchamber. Those events enable the business community to establish useful contacts between the business circles of the countries involved. Numerous transactions were realized in this way to the general satisfaction of the parties concerned.

1.2. Beside the general events of the CrGchamber., the bilateral sections regularly organize work meetings on specific subjects related to each country. The sections can also welcome personalities during their stay in Czech Republic and Swiss.

1.3. Publication of a monthly bulletin, a review every three months and a directory every two years, containing information on African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, mainly in the field of economics and investment projects by the major international financial organizations, calls for tenders, business proposals, job opportunities. These publications especially emphasize the realizations and the potential of Czech Republic, Belgian and Swiss companies. These publications constitute an important and comprehensive source of information for numerous small and medium-sized companies.

1.4. Assistance to Czech, Belgian, Swiss and African, Caribbean and Pacific businessmen (economic data, commercial information, arranging meetings and appointments, swift issue of visa).

1.5. Assistance to young trainees arriving in Czech Republic- the future senior executives of the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries - and assistance to persons who want to settle in those countries.

2. In the A.C.P., C.E.D.A.O. and C.E.M.A.C. Countries with :

2.1. The organization of commercial missions and exhibitions of catalogues of Czech Republic, Belgian or Swiss products and services.

2.2. The representative offices of the CrGchamber. abroad called "Permanent Delegations". These delegations - to date active in some 20 African countries - are working in close co-operation with Prague secretariat and with the Presidents of their respective bilateral sections. The delegates abroad inform the Prague secretariat on the opportunities in the various countries in which they are established and which can contri-bute to the development of the bilateral commercial relations. They furthermore keep the secretariat informed on all visits to the Czech Republic by personalities and businessmen of these countries. The members of the CrGchamber. can obtain from these delegations all the necessary assistance during their stay abroad (documentation, introductions, and, if required, hotel reservations).
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